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ZeeSoftTech is an emerging software house, systems integrator and technology provider, es- tablished to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government in order to allow the efficient and effective secure access and communication with various heterogeneous information resources and services, anytime and anywhere.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Transform your business with our strategic IT consulting services. We optimize efficiency, integrate cutting-edge technology, and drive cost-effective operations for your success.

Business Growth

Business Growth

Fuel your business growth with our strategic IT consulting. We optimize operations, integrate innovative technology, and pave the way for your success.

Latest Services

We Provide Best IT Services

Website Design & Development

Web development services by a company with 10+ years of expertise. Professional UX/UI design and implementation of websites, web portals and other solutions

Mobile App Solutions

Manage your compliance with new and existing Google Play policies, all in one place.

Optimizing Keywords

Keyword optimization is a three-step process that can help a business target qualified leads and drive them from search engine results to a website.

UX/UI Design Strategy

You can commission us to do a professional photo shoot so that we can showcase your company, your products or your employees.

App Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is known by a few names, including App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO, Optimizing Keywords.

Working Process

Industry Best Practices to the Core



Identify project goals, objectives, and requirements, Identify potential risks and challenges.



Define scope, tasks, and timeline, Allocate resources and set a budget.


Design & Dev

Create a blueprint and prototypes. Implement features and functionality according to the project plan.



Thoroughly test for bugs and quality, Gather feedback and make revisions.


Project Deliver

Deploy the final product,Provide training and support. Consider future updates,.

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Excellent Works

I downloaded it, at first glance it’s a very user-friendly interface, nothing irritates me. He speaks comfortably, plus he writes words. I checked several familiar phrases in Spanish and it translates accurately. It’s convenient to switch languages, let’s see how it performs in practice. I live in Spain and will use it often.)


Excellent Works

Great app. The free version can instantly translate Russian speech into English and vice versa. Written text too. The problem is that there is no way to download other languages, even if you agree to watch the advertisement.

Anatoliy Jakoub


If you translate a phrase, it works great, advertising does not interfere. Voice input from Russian into English and vice versa is placed compactly on the screen. You can also enter text.

Антонина Мамыкина

Fantastic Work

Once I paid the $5.99 for a lifetime removal of all the adverts, this was a great app to us. It translates most languages but not all. I was just curious as to how some sound but yeah, all round, an excellent app.

Stephen Ford

User Friendly

So easy to use, such a pleasure. Its great messaging friends in their home language.

Allen E. Addison-Adams


I have tried 3 others and this one is the best one by far. It is a once only payment to get rid of the apps and is worthy... I thought it was a monthly payment due to bad experience with other apps but the developers answered my questions promptly and assured me that is a one off payment. excellent service.

Alejandro playmesalsa (Alex)

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